Friday, 17 October 2014

Soooo 60's

60's the era of the shift dresses, mini skirts and flower power! With the most iconic models such as Twiggy taking the fashion world by storm, the 60's is one of the most iconic eras in terms of a fashion revolution. I've always loved the 60's style and particularly the mod style, which was elegant but also quite risque for the time. So when I noticed 60's styling coming back into trend I was very excited, the 60's trend is definitely going to be popular this Autumn/Winter. So I put together a little look book in honor of this decade with a mixture of high street/ designer clothes!

Starting from the left: Twill Black Slip Dress // House Of Fraser, Pink Slip Dress // Kenzo, Black and White Embellished Dress // DKNY (I'm obsessed with this!!), "Just Vogue" Pencil Skirt // Zalando, White Pumps // Etsy, Black and White Heels // Modcloth (Perfect website for 60's inspiration), Pink Carry Bag // Dolce and Gabbana, Blue Floral Bracelet // New Look

The slip dresses are very 60's inspired but have a modern day twist to them, the geometric patterning and monochromatic colours incorporate current trends. Pair these with a cute pair of pumps or chunky heels and you have yourself a perfect 60's inspired outfit. In terms of 60's makeup Lana Del Rey is a perfect for inspiration. Thick winged eyeliner and pinky nude lips (Velvet Teddy by Mac) is a signature 60's look!

Hope this helps with your 60's inspiration!
Shannon x  

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