Monday, 24 November 2014

Material Girl OOTD

Leather and lace, one of my favourite combinations. I've worn these two materials together for years, it is an obsession but a pretty one. It reminds me of 1980's Madonna, feminine yet edgy but keeps with the timeless trends. I thought I would do an OOTD showing one of my favourite outfits that I am loving for this season. I think my love of skorts is evident by now, I feel they suit my figure and are oh so fashionable. 

Leather Jacket // Primark £25
Lace Tee // Primark £3 (Insane bargain!!)
Lace Bralet // £22 American 
Geometric Necklace // Primark £2.50
Black Skort // Select £10
Black Pumps // H&M £9
Black Tote // MK £200

For my make up look I've been trying the Kylie Jenner look (Not the overdrawn lips although she does rock them) but neutral matte shades and nude lips. Lastly a quick shout out to Zoe for taking these photos and putting up with my bad posing! Have a lovely day!

Shannon x



  1. Love the outfit! Its so cute and i have that necklace too, it was a bargain!

    1. I've seen these style necklaces everywhere so when I saw it in Primark I could not leave it there! Xx

  2. Cute outfit! That necklace is my favourite thing from your outfit - Primark makes me wish I lived in England since it's cute and affordable!

    1. Thank you :) Primark is by far one of my favourite stores! Xx

  3. Love this outfit!! Can't believe that necklace is from Primark! Love it!

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  4. leather and lace is always a fab combo...I cannot see the make up very well, but generally I do like neutral looks.