Thursday, 15 October 2015

Something a little more personal..

I have not posted on this blog in a long time and I felt I should explain my absence. This is not just for my followers but also a blog post I want to remember and look back to when facing difficult times. I have never posted much about my personal life on this blog and problems I have so you will have to bare with me on this one..

They say all bad things happen in threes (I have no idea who quoted this but it is sure as hell accurate) and it is these things that contributed towards my silence. I'm a creative person and have better creative energy when I'm happy. I feel with a happier mentality and positive outlook I have the determination and confidence to do something I love because for someone like me putting myself out there on the internet is quite a daunting thought. What does this have to do with those 3 things? The past few months have been the most stressful months I have ever experienced, both psychically and mentally. I have been in the wrong mindset and have had a negative outlook on life. I have not been able to do anything I love because there's been this voice in my mind saying what is the point? I will not go into too much detail as to what events triggered this but when you lose people, struggle with working life and have that sense of having no purpose fulfilling something you love seems pointless and unrealistic. I felt trapped in this negative mindset and felt like nothing was going to get better.

Of course you think doing something you enjoy so much would make you feel better, for some this works but for others this is not the solution. I spent my summer trying to improve my mentality before putting my creativity into a project. To do this I tried to make myself happier as a person. I surrounded myself with people who had a positive outlook on life, I spent more time with my family and I took up burlesque dancing as a way of increasing my confidence. It takes time to heal a broken mind but I have eventually started to feel happy again. Better things started to come my way like getting a distinction on my fashion retail course and getting into my dream university. I started to become more sociable and realize that life is too short to feel so miserable. I decided to change my mentality completely and now I can honestly say I have never felt more happy in my life.

I'm not using this as an excuse but I am saying this my reasoning. This is a quick explanation to something a little more bigger but I feel I owe a written explanation to my followers and myself.  I now plan to post regularly and get excited by the thought of blogging. I made my own happiness happen and am ready for whatever life throws at me ;)

Shannon x

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