Sunday, 18 October 2015

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Halloween Costume

I do not know about my readers but who get's bored of the same Halloween costumes every year? Vampires, Witches, Cats? I have been them all! So this year I have made it my mission to post some more unique and quirky Halloween ideas that are both inexpensive and fun to create.I love dressing up and Halloween is always a great opportunity to get creative!

So for my first Halloween costume I was inspired by Taylor Swift's mini horror story, Blank Space! Who would not want to dress as a beautiful girl with dark secrets for Halloween? ;) It is no secret how obsessed I am with Taylor Swift so I was beyond excited to recreate this look. I chose to recreate the outfit from when she is sitting on the bed surrounded by horses and holding Olivia Benson (Taylor's cat, a sign I am far too obsessed). To me this is the most sinister part due to her clutching that kitchen knife and the 1920's inspired gown is just beautiful!

Lace Mask // Local Fancy Dress Store
Vintage Gown // Unknown
Body Suit // ARK Clothing
Black Skort // Select
Black Boot Heels // New Look
Red Lipstick // Rimmel Apocalips "Eclipse"

This look is oh so elegant and really captures the essence of Blank Space! To recreate Taylor's hair I simply plated my hair and wrapped it into a bun then placed the lace mask over the top. For the makeup I recreate a look I had previously posted about!

I hope you enjoy this Halloween costume, what are you being this year? 

Shannon x

P.S: Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a day dream! ;)