Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Body Jewellery Shop Review

For me Accessories are what pulls an outfit together, you could be wearing a basic t-shirt with jeans but by adding a pair of statement earrings can really make an outfit! The Body Jewellery Shop offers a vast range of earpiercing jewellery suited for everyone's taste!

I love adding a pair of statement earrings to spice up an outfit and these eye catching yet subtle pair do just that! I wore these out a few nights ago and received a few compliments on them! The Body Jewellery Shop offers so many choices on statement earrings! I am obsessed with these earrings!

Elegant Ear Cuff // £2.49

I have always wanted to try out an ear cuff but I could never find one I genuinely liked that was not for pierced ears. This ear cuff is definitely a statement but is also very pretty. I like how it fits in with festive season and I can see myself wearing this out for some Christmas parties! Not to mention the inexpensive price!

This cute and girly dragonfly ear cuff fits in with my style perfectly and adds a bit of edge to any outfit! I adore how dainty it is and again how you do not have to have your ears pierced to wear it! I think these types of earrings are perfect if you want to experiment with Jewellery or considering getting your ears pierced! 

Overall I am extremely impressed with Body Jewellery Shop! The products are all very good quality and the prices are affordable. There is so much variety so this company offers styles to suit everyone's taste. Even for me who is obsessed with anything girly or vintage, I love the pieces I received and am going to get so much wear out of them! Do you wear a lot of earpiercing jewellery?

Shannon x


  1. I love those earings. I thing something like that might just have to go on my Christmas list ;)

    1. They're so pretty! Definitely worth a look! Xx

  2. Those first pair of earrings are gorgeous! And that dragonfly ring is so cute!