Thursday, 17 December 2015

Scream Queens OOTD

If anyone has been watching Scream Queens you will know about Emma Roberts aka Chanel's flawlessly girly style which I am obsessed with. Scream Queens is one of those rare shows that I watch more for fashion inspiration rather than just the story line. I wanted to incorporate Chanel's style into an OOTD so I came up with this outfit!

Pearl Earrings // Primark (6 pack)
Peplum Top // Newlook
Skirt // Select
Stockings // Amazon
Heels // Unknown

For this look I wanted to appear girly but put a slight twist on it, I paired this beautiful peplum top (Chanel wears Peplum with almost everything) and this plaid tight skirt. All the Scream Queens rock stockings with cute pumps so I added some long black ones for the added edge with these classic and sweet heeled pumps. To tie the look together and to channel my inner Chanel, I added a pair of pearl earrings and pinned my hair up to Chanel's signature look.

Have you been keeping up with Scream Queens?

Shannon x