Saturday, 23 January 2016

New Year: Changing the way I think

I somewhat despise the term "New Year, New Me", It was a term I used back when I was in high school, a term I would use to describe how I would suddenly forget what others thought of me or something undramatic like changing my hair style. I remember posting on Facebook about how I would be this completely new person, looking back it was so cringey aha. I prefer to think of a the fresh start for the new year as "New Year, Improved me", because in the end it's not about the change of personality or you as a person, it is a different mindset.

So getting into the post, a lot has happened in the past year for me. Some highs and some lows. I managed to achieve something I never thought possible, I got into university and better still I am studying my dream subject Fashion Management. The sleepless nights completing coursework last year and working those 16 hour shifts really paid off, It was the year I actually feel like I achieved something and started my journey towards my dream career. Not to mention the year I truly realised who the most important people in my life were, without them I could not have achieved what I did.

However with these amazing things happening, came the lows. I lost an awful lot of people last year. For me it was the break down of an awful lot of friendships. Some of these people I do still speak too but I feel that connection has gone and perhaps intentions are not the same. Maybe because as we get older we become more wise as to who to trust or the simple fact we grow as humans. With the 4 months gap between when I left college and the start of university, I felt quite trapped, It put me in a negative frame of mind and I felt so unsatisfied with my life. When I eventually moved to Nottingham my mood did uplift and I felt far away from the negativity.

This made me reflect on a great deal things and I came to the conclusion, I am so selfish. I was wrapped up in my own negative thoughts, disregarding what really mattered and putting myself in that awful place. The past few months I realised I would be the only one to fix my problems, All I cared about was myself and did not look at the bigger picture. I wanted to be a better person and knew I had to change my mindset. I wanted to feel like I had a purpose and I wanted to actually stand for something.

So I started focusing less on the negative influences in my life and focus more on the amazing people around me and doing things that make me happy. I know I get laughed at for my blog by people who know me away from the internet and you know something, I do not care. I am doing something I enjoy and opinions of people who want me to fail do not matter, this is an example of how I started to think. I have chosen to come away from that negativity that was holding me back. By being less self pitying I have become a more happier person.

Another example is that I have recently become vegetarian, I am not going to be preachy as I know it annoys people and we are all entitled to our opinions but to be a better person I wanted a more positive effect on the environment around me. I am a great lover of animals and with living away from home means I make my own lifestyle choices, I decided to take this step as I always had an uneasy feeling about the treatment of animals in the food and cosmetics industry and knowing I am not supporting/contributing towards these really makes me feel more positive. I am standing for a cause I believe in and with the support from some amazing friends it has become achievable.

Overall I wanted to write this to inspire others, when everything around you feels negative remember you can find the key for your own happiness and you can achieve anything you set your mind too. New year, Improved you!

Shannon x

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