Monday, 1 February 2016

My Thrifting Tips

I am always complimented on unique items I am wearing, nine times out of ten it has always been thrifted! Which then always brings up the next question of how do you find good items? So I thought I would do my little tips on finding great unique items of clothings. Before I get into the tips, thrifting is a great way to shop. Not only are you finding items that most people will not own but you are helping towards charity. Plus with sustainable fashion on the rise it is a perfect way to help the environment, it is a small change but if everyone took it on board could have a great impact!

1. Get Inspired!

Looking at fashion magazines or online is a great way to be inspired before going shopping! I will always look at the latest Vogue and Tatler before going out. Looking at the latest trends within high fashion can really put you in the frame of mind. You'll actually be surprised about how trends always repeat themselves over the years and how many on trend clothes you can find in the second hand stores. I also find Pinterest as a great way to be inspired. I have recently become obsessed with creating various boards and pinning different styles. So before I go I will always have a quick look on my fashion themed boards. I tend to always find an item I'll want to buy but always forget about it so Pinterest is perfect! I'll leave my link so if anyone is obsessed as I am we can follow each other!

2.Go With A Friend!

Shopping with a friend is so much more fun than going by yourself and going thrifting is not an exception to this! Having someone with you means you can both look out for items each other might like and having a second opinion is always helpful, after all getting a second opinion on whether you can bring back the disco pants trend or will you actually tailor that dress is always helpful! This has happened to me a few times aha. I always take a friend with me and I find I always end up with better pieces that I will actually wear!

3.Follow/Watch Bloggers and Youtubers!

I always find after looking online at some ladies who go thrifting and are extremely good at it uplifting for when I go! Seeing someone elses finds is always inspirational and can put you in a good frame of mind. Here is some of my favourite Youtubers to watch! 

Thrifters Anonymous: These ladies are by far my favourites to watch! They sparked my love for thrifting and inspired me to actually try it out! 

Clothesencounters: I have been watching this channel for years, Jen's style is so unique and I love watching her hauls! 

The Fashion Citizen: Their look books are flawless and show how you can find some great scores!

4.Look Everywhere!

I cannot stress this tip enough, look in every section because you are bound to find some hidden jems. Due to the fact some pieces are quite old and come from different brands, no size will be the same so even if an item looks like it will be too small/big try it on. I enjoy baggy shirts and jumpers that I can tuck in to high waisted skater skirts so I am always finding some great items that are not in my exact size. Also items are often easy misplaced in second hand stores so you can find womens items in the mens section! 

5.Think Logically

I know the feeling when going in to second hand shops, everything is really cheap and it's hard not to go overboard. However you need to stop and think, will I every wear that shiny PVC gold skirt? Yes, I have actually asked myself this aha! My tip is when finding a piece you like, question yourself can you wear it with at least two other items in your wardrobe? It helps to envision an outfit you can put together with the item. If the answer is no then steer clear! It is so easy to be sucked in by the cheap prices but think of it as though you were purchasing in a high street store!

6. Go to every store!

Perhaps one of the more simpler tips but most effective, go to the smaller stores! I always find the most interesting and unique pieces in the less popular second hand stores. I once found this gorgeous vintage Chanel inspired blazer for £1 when I visited a smaller store by accident. Ever since then I have always been in stores I used to pass on. You'll find better deals and cooler items!

These are my main tips when thrifting, These have worked for me and now I find myself choosing to go thrifting more than the standard high street shopping! Plus I am a major lover of vintage fashion so it's the perfect way of finding vintage pieces! Do you have any thrifting tips?

Shannon X


  1. Some great ideas here. You are right about the smaller shops, the big chains tend to price higher as well so you are more likely to grab a bargain.

    1. Thank you! I always find the best deals in smaller stores, like once I found a £200 Karen Millen skirt for £3! So good! X

  2. I often find items in charity shops that are overlooked because some repair is needed e,g, a beautiful jacket with a ripped lining. I would add to your tips by suggesting people learn to use a basic sewing machine. It opens up so many more possibilities for upcycling clothes.

    1. Charity shops are great for finding hidden treasures even if they need repairing! That's a great tip! X