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10 Tips To Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition I struggled with for months, It can have a major effect on your everyday life and even work/school. I first developed insomnia when I first started university due to feeling so anxious of moving to an unknown city and worrying about my future. I found it impossible to sleep and this dragged on through out the year. It got to the point where I would miss lectures and became so unproductive both with coursework and my blog, I knew I had to do something. So I researched and tried so many techniques that I adapted to make them work for me. Today I thought I would share a few tips that'll hopefully help anyone suffering from insomnia too!

Get Comfy

This seems like a pretty logical one but it's so hard to get in a relaxing mood if you're in an uncomfortable area. The uni halls where I stayed last year and probably the majority of them have awful beds, they were the most awkward beds to lie on and really affected my sleeping. If you're in first year (I can't stress this enough) get a mattress topper, your back will thank you for it! Also having a clean bedroom has been proven to increase the chances of a better nights sleep. Your bedroom needs to be a place where you want to relax and really can effect how well you sleep!

Beat Your Routine

If your insomnia is preventing you from sleeping at night but making you sleep abnormal hours of the day this tip is the most important. Try to beat your standard sleep routine. This is probably the most hardest thing to do but made major changes to my sleeping pattern. My sleeping pattern used to be go to bed at 4:30/5am wake up at 2pm (ridiculous, I know) and I broke this by going to bed at 4:30/5 and waking up at 9! I know this is a super hard thing to do but it really sorts your sleeping pattern out. By the evening you'll start to feel tired and want to sleep earlier. Of course you don't have to be as drastic as me, each day you could wake up an hour early and gradually work down!

Eat At Correct Time

I used to wake up midday so my eating pattern became very irregular! I would have dinner so late (10 most nights) and then struggle to sleep because of it. To beat this I just simply stuck to normal times, ate a bit earlier and also made sure I was eating the right things!

No Caffeine after 4!

Caffeine can really effect how you sleep, for me drinking it 5 hours before bed can even cause me to stay up.  I stick to my rule of no caffeine before 4 except for those nights when I’m going out. This means no coffee, green tea or fizzy drinks that contain caffeine!

Turn Electronics off 30 Minutes Before Bed

Not going to lie I used to hate doing this, I researched and it’s so beneficial but if you’re like me I’m constantly on my phone! I gave it a try and I was so impressed by how relaxed it made me. I swapped my usual routine of snapchatting, browsing Instagram and repining on Pinterest to doing more productive things before bed. I keep a notebook next to my bedside table where I write everything down, from coursework ideas to my blog posts. In a slightly odd way it tires my brain out plus the best ideas come to me late at night. For those nights when I don’t feel like working before bed I just read a book for half an hour or talk to my boyfriend on the phone. Anything that involves no screens before bed will help you!

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas will become your best friend! Having a hot cup of tea before bed is so relaxing and the heat can make you feel drowsy. The most popular tea for bed time is of course camomile but if you’re not keen on this (I find it’s an acquired taste) try a fruit tea like strawberry and mint or blood orange. As long as it contains no green tea or the standard breakfast tea it should be caffeine free and have the same effect.

Happy Thoughts

My Insomnia was caused by anxiety and stress so having a million negative thoughts in my head meant I spent more time worrying and less sleeping. I know this is easier said than done but going to bed with positive thoughts really helps. Before going to bed I read inspirational quotes or list reasons to be happy.  Even on really bad days I found these techniques helped me, it put me more at ease and less to worry about when trying to sleep.


When I say exercise I don’t mean go to a really fancy gym or anything strenuous, just to make small changes to your fitness routine.  I made small changes like walking into the city instead of taking a tram and just doing a few minutes of exercise before bed. The idea is that it’ll make you more tired but also relax you more.

Bath/Shower Before Bed

Having a hot shower or bath before bed is such a relaxing thing to do. Going to bed feeling clean and warm will make you feel sleepier. For those nights when I have had a stressful day I opt for a bath bomb or crystals!

Don’t Stress If You Can’t Sleep

I often used to lay awake at 4 in the morning and stress out that I had to be up at 7, it really does not help to worry. The best thing to is think it's not a big deal, It's not great to feel tired but it's not worth stressing about!

All of these tips really helped with my insomnia! Do you have any tips to get a better nights sleep that I haven't mentioned?

Shannon x

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  1. Reading a not too exciting book helps get me off to sleep and if I wake in the night I get up until I feel sleepy again.

  2. ooh these are great tips and I agree with many of these ideas. I am trying to get a better sleeping pattern and be able to go to sleep more easily.

  3. I hate insomnia, once I'm awake I'm awake and it annoying as hell! Great tips and I agree with the getting comfy part.

  4. I am definitely going to try and stop having caffeine after 4 now!

  5. Insomnia is one of the worst things ever. I find a hot bath, milky drink and a good book helps me to fall alseep

  6. I often have bouts of insomnia and not stressing about it is the main thing for me x

  7. Some useful tips , I sswear by a hot bath at bedtime to get you relaxed.

  8. Great tips. I've had really bad insomnia lately due to my new medication.

  9. Great tips, I'm going to get my hubby to read this as it will be very helpful for him.

  10. such good tips! nothing worse than not being able to get to sleep because it just sends you in to a spiral

  11. There are some great tips here. I hate not being able to sleep. We moved to a house with proper built in blinds and the total darkness really helps.