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How to Buy Affordable Vintage Clothes

It is no secret that I adore vintage clothing, I love how unique the pieces can be and how timeless the styles are. Vintage clothing however can be expensive (especially if you are a student) and since being at uni I have found a few ways to carry on with collecting vintage clothing all while keeping it affordable. I know that vintage shops exist where you can get a 1990's tee for £8 but I am more into 1960's fashion so buying dresses from that era is a lot more expensive. I also do not want to hugely invest since I rarely wear my vintage clothes out, most days at uni I like to keep it casual and vintage is more for evening or blog looks. I am going to share a few tips today on how I find some lovely pieces for the fraction of the cost and also share this 1960's inspired outfit I have put together.

Kilo Sales

This is a tip I would recommend to anyone interested in vintage, kilo sales are your best friends. I buy the majority of my clothing from these and I save so much money. Although I would just like to point out, some are better than others. Speaking from personal experience, I find the sales held at my uni are not as good as the more independent ones. I paid entry to a uni one once, and I could only find jumpers and shirts for women at £15 per kilo. Where as "Pre-loved Vintage" by Mooch (highly recommend if you're in the east midlands area) sells everything, I have found so many dresses, tops, skirts, bags, jackets ect for the same price per kilo as the uni one but there was so much more variety. I always get to sales in the morning but not when the doors open as that can be quite chaotic, with the independent ones I attend they usually put new items out throughout the day so there is always going to be loads to look through. I recommend bringing someone who is also into vintage as an extra eye for any styles you will both love, luckily my boyfriend is a vintage fan so I always bring him along and he usually finds the majority of my clothes for me haha. Overall vintage kilo sales are amazing for saving money plus the experience of going to one itself makes for a fun day out.

Charity Shops and Car Boot Sales

I thought this might have been an obvious suggestion but I still wanted to include it, charity shops and car boot sales are gold mines for affordable vintage clothing. Since living in the city I  hardly visit car boot sales but I have found so many quirky items in charity shops, just last week I found a vintage Chanel tee for £1! The majority of the time charity shops will not mark up vintage items and sell for the same price as the usual clothes, there is also specialised vintage charity shops where the prices are a little higher but for the fraction of the cost compared to a vintage boutique. If you want to read more into my "thrifting" tips, click here!  

Vintage Shop Sales

There is actually some affordable vintage shops out there (Thrifty Store is great for those of you in Sheffield) that I love to shop in, especially when they have sales. With actual vintage stores, you can be sure that what you are buying is legitimately vintage clothing. I love the smaller vintage boutiques because usually the owners are there to give advice and it is quite fascinating hearing about the clothes. I do occasionally treat myself to a more higher priced piece but when they are hosting sales I always make sure to check them out.  I have found some gems in the past like some gorgeous 1970's pink blouses for £1 from the Thrifty store that would usually be priced higher.


I personally have never got any vintage clothes off my family however I am mentioning this because I know a few people who swear by this tip. If you are fortunate enough to have relatives who have kept their clothes from the past decades, ask if you can check them out. Not only do you know that it is 100% vintage but also you're not going to have to pay for the pieces.


Reselling websites are fabulous for vintage items, you can usually find them cheaper than a boutique and there is obviously a more vast selection. One thing I would like to mention however is that you should still be a bit cautious as to whether the clothes are actually vintage, Ebay have rules whereby the seller cannot lie about the product however apps like Depop are a bit more relaxed with their rules.

I hope these tips help with affordable vintage shopping! I am planning on doing an updated thrifting tips post soon!

Do you have any tips for affordable vintage?
Shannon x

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  1. I love charity shops more than anything and am going to go charity shopping with my daughter to look for the next size up. I have seen some lovely vintage items in the stores but they are often too small for me as I'm a larger size but great advice on getting affordable clothes.

  2. Love Kilo sales and finding bargains and treasures in charity shops!! Vintage clothes are amazing and love this outfit

    Laura x

  3. Whilst I've never bought any vintage clothes myself - lots of my friends do, and they too swear by kilo sales x

  4. Love this post as I am a huge fan of all things vintage! I am very intrigued by Kilo sales as I have never heard of them before and have never been to one. Charity shops are my favourite things ever!

  5. I always love the look of vintage .. but seeking it out has always seemed so overwhelming. I've always drooled over vintage Levi's offered online .. but have been to nervous to buy. What if they don't fit .. etc? Maybe I should just go for it!

  6. I love charity shops but have never heard of Kilo sales!

  7. I'm a big fan of charity shops and car boots, but also my nan and my elderly neighbours, they're fantastic for giving me vintage clothes!! x

  8. The sixties and seventies are my favourite fashion eras which I agree are more expensive. I love your kilo finds though you look very classy xx

  9. My favourite way to do so is just go to the attic and browse my sister's old clothes from the 90s at the moment! Who needs to spend a fortune on a "new" Levis jacket when you have the same one above your head. Ha!

  10. Vintage clothing is so fun and being able to find the clothes you want at a reasonable price is fab. Charity shops and kilo sales are such great ways to find this clothing x

  11. I've not heard of kilo sales before I must look them up. Charity shops are good and it's nice to know that by buying from them you are helping others.

  12. I really need to shop in more charity shops - you can find some great bargains in them x

  13. Great tips and love that skirt, looks great on you :) x

  14. I just don't have the patience for this kind of shopping - really wish I did! What a fab outfit, you look great. Good advice too, I may try again!

  15. My friend loves vintage clothing so I'm sure she'd love these tips to make her shopping more affordable. She always seems to be spending a fortune! xxx

  16. I have a vintage charity shop near me which kinda kills two birds with one stone. I love visitng but with being plus size decent vintage is rare x

  17. Kilo sales and charity shops are my faves!!! I love them! I do find they are trying to up their prices now though since its a prober craze right now!! Its a shame because I want to buy so much!!!

  18. I really need to have a look at the vintage sales around here, I love finding bargains.

  19. I absolutely love buying vintage clothing!
    My favourite used to be charity shops, but now I've moved onto car boot sales :)

    Dani x

  20. I love all things vintage and especially vintage clothing. I don't normally get to find good pieces, if any, as a plus size gal but these tips are great. I hear car boot sales are a goldmine.